Friday, April 30, 2010

orange you glad I updated?

So, I was noticing that in the summertime*, I am drawn to bright colors. It's challenging, since I work in fine dining and garish nails are generally frowned upon. I toe the line as much as I can. I started Zoya Lana. Beautiful duochrome, orange with a silver/pink glint. Love it.

Then, about a week & 1/2 later, I grabbed another orange out of The Big Box o' Polish (technically, two large drawers...whatevs). Not as much duochrome, but the colors are still pretty similar. China Glaze Jamaican Out. It looks much darker in the bottle than it did on my nails, but it photographs lighter than the Zoya.

so, these aren't totally dupes, but they're close enough for me.

*anything after April 15th = summer in my mind

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